Price list CT

Price list for CT scans (gross price in PLN)

Type of examinationExamination price in PLN
Head angiography600.00
Head and neck angiography1000.00
Abdominal angiography600.00
Chest angiography600.00
Angiography of the extremities600.00
Neck angiography600.00
Angiography of two anatomical regions1000.00
Angiography of three or more anatomical regions1100.00
Head (brain) without contrast280.00
Multi-phase head (brain)400.00
Head (brain) with contrast450.00
Head and neck without contrast600.00
Head and neck with contrast830.00
Head angiography800.00
HRCT of the chest300.00
Chest without contrast300.00
Multi-phase chest400.00
Chest with contrast400.00
Chest and neck without contrast650.00
Chest and neck with contrast850.00
Abdomen without contrast400.00
Multi-phase abdomen600.00
Abdomen with contrast650.00
Abdomen and pelvis without contrast600.00
Abdomen and pelvis with contrast700.00
Pelvis without contrast400.00
Multi-phase pelvis600.00
Pelvis with contrast650.00
Orbit with contrast500.00
Spine segment without contrast300.00
Spine segment with contrast500.00
Joint without contrast350.00
Joint with contrast550.00
Neck without contrast350.00
Multi-phase neck500.00
Neck with contrast550.00
Two areas without contrast600.00
Two areas multiphase900.00
Two areas with contrast800.00
Two segments of the spine without contrast500.00
Two segments of the spine with contrast700.00
Three areas without contrast700.00
Three areas with contrast1000.00