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Computed tomography (CT) examination is an advanced diagnostic method that allows you to obtain accurate cross-sectional images of the patient’s body. Using X-ray technology and computer image analysis, a CT scan provides information about the structure and pathologies of organs, systems, and tissues. It is widely used in medicine, providing valuable support in diagnosis, treatment planning and patient monitoring.

It is a painless examination, although it may cause some discomfort due to the need to stay in one position for several minutes. The duration of the examination is from 5 to 15 minutes, depending on the type of organ being examined and whether a contrast agent will be administered during the examination.

Our laboratory uses the latest CT technologies and experienced staff to provide patients with precise diagnostics. We work with medical specialists to ensure proper interpretation of examination results.

  • 3 steps to get your CT scan result

    CT examination

    3 steps to get your CT scan result

  • Step 1


    Make an appointment:


    phone: 85 500 10 20,

    in person: Żurawia 71a, Bialystok.


  • Step 2

    Performing the examination

    Patients are scheduled for a specific hour and do not need to wait for the examination longer than necessary. The examination with the administration of a contrast agent is always carried out in our lab under the supervision of an anesthesiologist.

  • Step 3

    Collect examination results

    The examination result described by a specialist doctor can be sent by e-mail or post. Of course, the patient has the option of collecting the result in person.


  • benign and malignant tumors,
  • stroke,
  • birth defects,
  • brain changes: tumors, aneurysms,
  • emergencies and injuries affecting any area of the body,
  • eye diseases,
  • sinus diseases,
  • the presence of a foreign body in the body,
  • cardiovascular diseases,
  • digestive system diseases,
  • kidney and urinary tract diseases,
  • skeletal system defects,
  • degenerative joint diseases.


  • pregnancy,
  • hyperthyroidism,
  • impaired kidney function,
  • previously documented hypersensitivity to the contrast agent

Price list for CT scans (gross price in PLN)

Type of examinationExamination price in PLN
Head angiography600.00
Head and neck angiography1000.00
Abdominal angiography600.00
Chest angiography600.00
Angiography of the extremities600.00
Neck angiography600.00
Angiography of two anatomical regions1000.00
Angiography of three or more anatomical regions1100.00
Head (brain) without contrast280.00
Multi-phase head (brain)400.00
Head (brain) with contrast450.00
Head and neck without contrast600.00
Head and neck with contrast830.00
Head angiography800.00
HRCT of the chest300.00
Chest without contrast300.00
Multi-phase chest400.00
Chest with contrast400.00
Chest and neck without contrast650.00
Chest and neck with contrast850.00
Abdomen without contrast400.00
Multi-phase abdomen600.00
Abdomen with contrast650.00
Abdomen and pelvis without contrast600.00
Abdomen and pelvis with contrast700.00
Pelvis without contrast400.00
Multi-phase pelvis600.00
Pelvis with contrast650.00
Orbit with contrast500.00
Spine segment without contrast300.00
Spine segment with contrast500.00
Joint without contrast350.00
Joint with contrast550.00
Neck without contrast350.00
Multi-phase neck500.00
Neck with contrast550.00
Two areas without contrast600.00
Two areas multiphase900.00
Two areas with contrast800.00
Two segments of the spine without contrast500.00
Two segments of the spine with contrast700.00
Three areas without contrast700.00
Three areas with contrast1000.00
  • Why is contrast needed in a CT scan?

    Computed tomography with contrast is an examination with a very high diagnostic value, because the contrast agents absorbs the radiation emitted during the examination differently than the surrounding tissues, which makes them more visible.
  • Is the radiation dose in a CT scan safe for the patient?

    There is practically no safe dose of radiation, and the amount of radiation dose taken depends on the type of CT examination. However, a single examination does not pose a threat to health and life.
  • Will I receive the CT scan results right away?

    Scan results are usually not available right after the examination is completed. The computer processes the information from the images taken, which are then interpreted by the radiologist.
  • How many CT scans can be done in a year?

    There is no recommended limit for the number of examinations, but they are not indifferent to a living organism. Therefore, these examinations can only be performed on the basis of a doctor's referral - even if it is a private examination. Used too often or in too high doses can adversely affect the body. In the case of children or seniors, a CT scan is recommended only when the diagnostic benefits are greater than the potential risks. This examination is not recommended in pregnant women. The doctor refers the patient when it is necessary to make a diagnosis and based on clinical indications.
  • What is the difference between a CT scan and an MRI scan?

    Both magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography are diagnostic imaging examinations. They enable obtaining accurate images of tissues and organs in various planes, also in 3D technology. In both examinations, the patient is placed on a table, which is then slid into the scanner. Remain still during both examinations. Both examinations are painless and non-invasive. The difference is in the imaging method. During MRI, a magnetic field is used. In the case of computed tomography, X-rays are used for imaging.

The examinations are performed by the LOM SCAN laboratory

CT examinations are carried out by the LOM Scan diagnostic laboratory, run by a company in which majority shareholder is LOMiRT UMB Ltd. Both laboratories, i.e. BioSkaner and LOM Scan, are located on the area of BPNT, ul. Żurawia 71a, Bialystok.

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