Extension of Patient Recruitment for Innovative Clinical Trial on Prostate Gland Cancer

BioSkaner is recruiting patients with prostate gland cancer for a clinical trial

We are extending the recruitment for a clinical trial involving patients with prostate gland cancer. BioSkaner is acting as the recruiting center for this clinical trial. The study will utilize two advanced imaging techniques: PET/MR and PET/CT, with a single administration of the radiotracer 68Ga-PSMA. The examinations will also be conducted in our facility.

Participation Criteria

We invite patients who meet the following criteria to participate in the study:

  1. diagnosed with prostate gland cancer,
  2. only patients before radical treatment (e.g., before surgery, radiotherapy, or other forms of intensive treatment),
  3. willingness to attend regular follow-up visits and closely cooperate with the research team,
  4. no prior radical treatment for prostate gland cancer.

PET/MR Study with 68Ga-PSMA in Prostate Cancer Diagnosis with ABM Funding

Course of the Study

Participation in the study involves a series of benefits for patients:

  1. access to the latest imaging techniques,
  2. regular consultations and monitoring of health status by a team of specialists,
  3. collaboration with leading experts,
  4. the opportunity to directly influence the advancement of modern medicine.

As part of the study, patients will undergo advanced imaging techniques, including PET/MR and PET/CT scans, which allow for precise assessment of disease progression and monitoring of treatment effects.

How to Sign Up for Participation

We encourage patients and their families to contact our center for detailed information regarding participation in the study. This can be done by:

Phone: 85 500 10 21

E-mail: pet-rejestracja@bioskaner.eu

In-person visit: ul. Żurawia 71A, Białystok 15-540

Our team is ready to answer any questions and provide support at every stage of recruitment and participation in the study.

Important Information

Participation in the study is entirely voluntary, and patients may withdraw their consent at any time without providing a reason. All personal and medical data of participants are protected according to applicable personal data protection regulations.

We invite you to collaborate with us and count on your engagement in the development of modern methods for treating prostate gland cancer. Together, we can contribute to improving the quality of life for patients and fighting against this disease.